James Hussaini, Real Estate Developer, Speaker and Author

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About Me

The Early Years

As a child my family and I were forced to flee Afghanistan. Leaving many possessions behind we relied on each other for our strength and this fortitude has stayed with me ever since.

I did not grow up with the comforts most take for granted, our home life was very simple and school, when available, was a lot different from what most people understand a primary school system to be. My classmates and I did not even have the basic facilities that are commonplace in North America.

However, I used my experiences to motivate myself, to provide the determination to overcome these circumstances and they helped me to discover my true potential. That is why, at the tender age of 14, I decided that my purpose in life was to help people all over the world.

Transformation to Canadian Businessman and Entrepreneur

After fleeing war-torn Afghanistan, I moved to India and eventually to Canada, where I graduated from York University with an Honours Degree in Urban Studies.

After moving to Toronto, I started my career in real estate in 2003, as a sales representative at Remax Crossroads Brokerage. My first year in the industry was highlighted with a great deal of success. One of which was receiving the President’s Award from Re/Max. Im my first year of real estate sales I was recognized as one of the top sales representatives for that year.

Right from the start I was interacting with property owners, real estate professionals, and negotiating deals with local, national and global clients. Through hard work and long hours, two years after becoming a licensed real estate sales professional I became a real estate broker and opened my own brokerage, Homelife Dreams Realty Inc.

First Brokerage and New Opportunities

I wanted to establish a name for myself and part of my motivation was to facilitate and assist other Realtors at a personal level with one-on-one mentoring of their business. On December 20th, 2006 I opened HomeLife Dreams Realty Inc within Markville Shopping Centre, with a storefront right beside Wal-Mart. This location was carefully chosen to allow me to reach out to walk-in shoppers and assist them with their Real Estate transactions and queries.

In January 2010 I launched weekly real estate training sessions which included recording a series of live videos about effective real estate sales methods.

  • Helping home buyers make fully informed decisions on buying their new homes
  • Directing home sellers to sell their properties at the highest price
  • Discuss how to create wealth through Real Estate Investments
  • Effective ways to build a real estate sales career & retire early by establishing a strong foundation of referral business and passive income
  • Help realtors solve the problem of not achieving their goals or financial needs

These sessions gave agents the knowledge and the encouragement to put that knowledge into practice. Visit www.RealEstateInFocus.ca for details.

In 2014 I founded Realty Point – a real estate brokerage franchisor which helps Realtors own their own real estate brokerage.

Author and Entrepreneur

In “Yours Independently” I reveal step-by-step what is needed to achieve a successful business as technology and consumer expectations transform the real estate industry.

“Yours Independently,” my first book about the real estate industry, discusses and reveals a roadmap for every real estate sales professional to follow. This will allow them to achieve the success they desire. It includes detailed sales, marketing and brokerage management information that will allow a new sales professional to build their business and eventually own their own real estate brokerage without coming up against the same roadblocks and time consuming effort I did.

Yours Independently

Transform Your Real Estate Business with a New Team-based Model of Brokerage Ownership

Real estate sales professionals now have a guidebook for building a lucrative real estate sales career based on my experience and vision for the future of the industry. Current consumer expectations need to be met with excellence in customer service and head-on through social media for any real estate professional to build a referral network that will grow their business with less effort and expense than traditional business methods.

Philanthropic Efforts

Additionally, I have used my altruistic sensibilities to raise funds for the Tsunami Relief Fund with the Red Cross in which my donations were matched by the Canadian government and continue my involvement with charities in my community.

Moving Forward

My ultimate vision is to help others in the real estate business world and the local community by way of example. Their success in the business world will lead to stronger communities for all of us.

I believe in the power of education, innovation and philanthropy to affect positive change in my business and personal life, and in the lives of those I meet. When I am not running my busy real estate businesses, I dedicate my time as a board member to a number of organizations that bring unity and prosperity to all.