James Hussaini, Real Estate Developer, Speaker and Author

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James Hussaini. Educator. Author

I am happy to announce the publishing and launch of my new book “Yours Independently” that brings together in one place not only my experience in the real estate industry but a new way to own and manage a real estate brokerage.

In detail I break down the barriers of entry to brokerage ownership and how every real estate sales professional can grow their business as a true entrepreneur, build a successful business and reach their ultimate goal of a very comfortable retirement.

“Yours Independently” was launched officially on December 3, 2015 during the Annual Realty Point Food Drive.

You can read more about “Yours Independently” at www.YoursIndependently.com
My desire to reach out and lift up those around me drives my every waking hour to create a better place, for my family, my friends and my associates, of the world we live.

How we each choose to participate in our social responsibilities, as well as our business dealings, is what will create the world we want to leave for our children.

I have been a magazine publisher, a computer store owner, all the while participating in my community through a variety of volunteer positions (I will be happy to discuss them with you!).

My many years in real estate (first as a sales representative and as soon as I was able I opened my own real estate brokerage) have taught me that “those that can do, those that can’t don’t”.

What I have learned during my sales experience and my brokerage ownership has prepared me to fulfill my desire to not only be successful but to share my experiences and my knowledge so others can follow in my path.

When we help to create successful entrepreneurs we also set the foundation for others to give back to our community.