James Hussaini, Real Estate Developer, Speaker and Author

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Seller – Real Estate in Focus

Why is my Home NOT Selling? (Staging)
We are all frustrated when a property is listed for a long time and it does not sell. The pressure
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Who Should I Choose to Sell My Property?
Once we decide to sell our property, one of the most important decisions we have to make is: selecting the
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When is a good time to sell my property in Ontario, Canada?
Home Sellers are always curious to find: when is it a good time to sell their house? This video will
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Should I List My Property For Higher Price?
We are all tempted to list our property for a higher price to test the market. We are also sometimes
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Should I Buy or Sell first?
The dilemma as to whether to sell my property first and then buy or vice versa exists forever in Real
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Attention Sellers: Savings before Selling Your House!!!
The issue of Mortgage generally comes up with Buyers but sometimes, more often than not, Mortgage might be a very
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What are the best returns on Home Renovations?
Home renovations could be for different purposes. One might renovate for personal use, while others might renovate to increase the
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How to sell your house for higher price?
We all want to sell our property for higher price. Many ideas may be proposed. One of the ways that
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Generating Extra Income from your Home
Sometimes circumstances may lead us to crossroads in life that we have no choice but to make a decision. For
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Do You Need Money?
Sometimes home owners are selling their home simply because they need cash. In this video James, Host of Real Estate
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