James Hussaini, Real Estate Developer, Speaker and Author

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Investor – Real Estate in Focus

Leverage makes Real Estate attractive all the time!!!
Investors have a wide range of investment options ranging from Stock Markets to GICs. Why consider real estate as an
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The Impact of Transportation on Real Estate Value
Real Estate Investors are sometimes labelled as speculators. There are real estate investment options that are not speculations, but rather
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Safest Way to Make Money in Real Estate: Change of Use/Zone
The world of real estate offers a wide range of opportunities to create wealth. One of the safest ways is
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Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate Transaction
Real Estate is a very wide and vast subject matter. This is even more so with Commercial Real Estate. There
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Real Estate Investor’s Biggest Mistake!
Real Estate Investment can be a very lucrative business. Most successful and established people around the globe build their wealth
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How to take advantage of a Boom Area?
Most Real Estate Investors are enticed to invest in an area that has already boomed. In this video, James Hussaini,
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How to make money by reading Newspaper?
Real Estate Speculators try to time the market. Their ultimate goal is to sell the property at peak prices. The
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Easiest Way to Make Money in Real Estate!
We are all looking for the fastest and easiest way to make money; and real estate is the best tool.
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Flipping Properties, Is It For You?
Real Estate TV Shows, magazines, and books encourage and entice all of us to get involved in the business of
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Create Wealth thru Real Estate!
We are all seeking to be financially free. In most cases, this vision may not be accomplished through our employment.
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