James Hussaini, Real Estate Developer, Speaker and Author

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Buyer – Real Estate in Focus

Why do I need a Real Estate Lawyer?
In any real estate transaction a number of professionals are involved to successfully complete the deal. One of the important
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Where to Buy a Home in Ontario, Canada?
Once you decide to buy a home, you will face many questions. One of the issues that you have to
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When is a good time to buy a home in Ontario, Canada?
We all want to buy our homes at the right time. Of course, sometimes life circumstances leave us with no
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What Type of Property to Buy in Ontario, Canada?
Once we decide to buy a property, we are bombarded with tons of options. One of the options that we
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What Mortgage is for me?
Often buyers are confused with the different types of mortgages that are presented to them; a wide range of options
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Do I need Property Title Insurance?
There is a common myth amongst Real Professional that Title Insurance covers all title-related risks of a property. This statement
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Should I Rent or Buy a Home in Ontario, Canada?
The dilemma of buying or keep renting is an issue for most of renters. In this video, James Hussaini, Host
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Inspecting Home Inspection!
Before firming up an Agreement of Purchase and Sale, it is highy recommended to inspect the property (even a brand
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Home Insurance Tips and Traps
Home Insurance is one of the most neglected issues in the home-buying process. Most home buyers do not pay much
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Are you ready to buy a Home?
For a wide variety of good reasons, renters prefer to have their own home. Due to lack of experience and
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