James Hussaini, Real Estate Developer, Speaker and Author

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About Speaker

James Hussaini has been active in real estate for the last 12 years facilitating commercial transactions and converting existing commercial properties to condos since 2006. Fleeing with his family from war-torn Afghanistan, he transformed himself into a successful entrepreneur, author, and teacher – revolutionizing the real estate industry.

He began his journey in Real Estate, working as a sales representative in 2003. In his first year in the industry, James benefitted from a great deal of success. One of which was receiving the President’s Award from Re/Max. He was recognized as one of the top sales, representatives for that year. Part of his motivation was that he desired to facilitate and assist other Real Estate Sales Representatives at a personal level and on a one to one basis.

As a result, he opened a Real Estate Brokerage within the retail area of the shopping mall. In December 2006, HomeLife Dreams Realty Inc. was opened at Markville Shopping Center, besides Wal-Mart. Aside from serving his own clients, he was now able to service walk-in shoppers in their Real Estate transactions and process.

HomeLife Corporation is one of the main franchise players in the world, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, with offices all across the globe. Alongside his partner Neelo Ahmadi, James currently manages over 100 Realtors. With the vision he had in mind, he is helping his fellow Realtors one step at a time to achieve their goals.

James and his partner Aziz Amiri inaugurated Crystal Group, a Real Estate Investment Management company in mid-2007. Its focus is mainly on creating wealth through Real Estate. The vision of James and his partners are to grow financially and eventually help others in the community by way of example. They have already contributed to different causes in the community.

In 2014, James founded Realty Point Inc, a Brokerage Franchise company that takes the pain away from opening and managing a real estate brokerage.

Additionally, he has used his altruistic sensibilities to raise funds for the Tsunami Relief Fund with the Red Cross in which his donations were matched by the Canadian government. Giving back is a strong passion for James. Outside of his continued involvement with charities, notably through my Realty Point Food Drive mission he also shares his knowledge of Real Estate through seminars and his new book ‘Yours Independently’.

For complete Bio of James Hussaini, visit: Hussaini.ca