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How To Fill Your Office (Or Industrial) Vacancy

How To Fill Your Office (Or Industrial) Vacancy

Property owners know that without tenants they are spending money everyday that should otherwise be paid by their tenants.

Filling those vacancies is a huge expense as well. Signs, ads, flyers… this list goes on about how to showcase and market your property and entice tenants to fill your space.

You may decide to reduce the rent or add other incentives to increase some interest in your property…. which all adds to the expense of having vacancies in your building. And in 5 years time you may have to start the whole process over again.

It’s time you considered converting your building into condos and remove the frustration of the never-ending tenant search.

By converting your building into condominiums you are creating property owners out of business owners and at the same time you are able to cash out the equity you have built up in your property.

These new condo property owners pay their share of the taxes, maintenance, insurance and utilities so you have less to worry about. And because they own their property, these businesses are much less likely to move out at the end of the rental term – because there isn’t one!

We have a variety of strategies to discuss with you that can help you fill your vacancies, turn the built-up equity of your property into cash and eliminate the stress of dealing with tenants.


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