James Hussaini, Real Estate Developer, Speaker and Author

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Blog – Commercial Point


How to Evaluate Your Commercial Property
Find out how to evaluate your property before conversion
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Make Money in Commercial Real Estate From Day One
You ought to understand that you have to be very competent to work in the world of commercial real estate
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Invest in a Condo Conversion Project
In this post, we demonstrate how to move a property from its current status to one of a higher-value
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The Best Value-Adding Strategy
Find out what happens when you need to tap into the equity of a property that has vacancies
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Don’t Sell Your Commercial Property to Realize Its Equity
Find out how to realize the equity in your commercial building, without selling.
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Adding Value to Your Commercial Property
Find out how to add value to your commercial property
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How To Fill Your Office (Or Industrial) Vacancy
Find out how to convert your building into condos and remove the frustration of the never-ending tenant search.
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